Bug-A-Salt: The Original Salt Gun
Bug-A-Salt: The Original Salt Gun
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Salt Gun

You’re trying to enjoy your lunch in peace, but you keep getting dive bombed by flies. You swing and swat at them, but unless you’re Mr. Miyagi, they will keep bugging you or end up as nasty, splattered messes. Upgrade your anti-fly arsenal with the Bug-A-Salt and blast flies away.


To start shooting, simply pour salt into the magazine, cock the rifle, and you’re ready to hunt. Once you’ve found your pesky prey, click off the safety, aim down the pop-up sight, and shoot. Firing a shotgun-style spray of salt, the gun is accurate within 3’ of the target and can hit a fly on nearly any surface. Unlike a traditional fly swatter, the Bug-A-Salt doesn’t leave a nasty mess, so cleanup is easy.

Smooth Operator
  • Skell
  • Nontoxic
  • Holds about 50 shots
  • Accurate within 3 ft (0.91 m)
  • Auto safety

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