Bulldogge & Co. Winslow Pen Wallet
Bulldogge & Co. Winslow Pen Wallet
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Based in Escondido, California, Bulldogge & Co. specializes in products made from American-sourced materials and meant to stand the test of time Read More

Aug 1, 2018
Been looking for a pen wrap for some time, bummed I missed this one. Coincidentally, I live in Escondido. So I guess I'll go check their shop out and see how it looks in person!
Jul 23, 2018
Another observation: by looking at the provided photos, the craftsmanship really looks like shit! You'd think the vendor would at least provide photos where the sewing was straight and clean… unless it never will be!
Jul 23, 2018
I'm looking at the picture that shows this fully loaded with pens, and I'm imagining rolling it up... Aren't all the pocket clips going to bump and scrape against each other? The fold down flap at the top doesn't really look like it would be up to the job of protecting against this.