Cameo Accessories Kit
Cameo Accessories Kit
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Turn Your Cameo Into a Series Regular

So you bought a Silhouette Cameo, ready to craft until the cows come home, but you’ve found you need a few more accessories to get the job done right. Instead of fretting or scrapping together a crafting package, we’ve rushed to your aid with the all inclusive and entirely transformational Cameo Accessories Kit.

Kit Playing Games

Every kit comes with the same base: a 16-pack of cardstock, a set of 8 sketch pens, a ratchet blade, and a dust cover available in four different colors. This would be enough to make every holiday card you’ve ever dreamed of, but you want more, don’t you? We could tell by the gleam in your eyes. Boost your arsenal even more with the choice of two of the following starter kits: Vinyl, Fabric Ink, Rhinestone Setter, Heat Transfer, Stamping, and Glass Etching. Choose your two kits during the checkout process.

A Full Book of Craft Spells

Whether you’re making stickers, etching your name onto a mirror, bedazzling your sweater, or churning out homemade stamps, you’ll have the complete set of tools to get the job done. Making good on the versatility promised by your initial investment in the Cameo, with the Accessories Kit, the only thing standing in the way of complete craft dominance is finding more free time.

  • Silhouette sketch pen start pack (8 pens)
  • Silhouette ratchet blade
  • Cameo dust cover (grey, natural, teal, or pink)
  • Select two starter kits from: Vinyl, Fabric Ink, Rhinestone Setter, Heat Transfer, Stamping, and Glass Etching

Vinyl Starter Kit

Fabric Ink Starter Kit

Rhinestone Setter Starter Kit

Heat Transfer Starter Kit

Stamping Starter Kit

Glass Etching Starter Kit


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