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Mar 22, 2015
Usually JoAnn's will not allow for coupons on these. She definitely got a deal if she was able to use a coupon. I've never seen one of their coupons that states on the coupon that you are unable to use it for Silhouette machines, cricut, among other bigger ticket items. Someone asked about using the silhouette for cutting fabric. I use mine OFTEN for cutting applique, it depends on your embroidery software how you would use it to do your applique. I know there are different videos on you tube for each software that I know of. However, I have Embrilliance and they have paired up with Silhouette to make this about as easy as clicking a few times. It already allows for a certain amount of fabric overage which IS adjustable if you need it to be. I've never changed mine and it has cut perfectly every time. It allows you to save in svg or any of the Sil format files. I also after I iron and starch my fabric use heat and bond lite and it cuts perfectly as long as I am not using a dull blade. Just like scissors you want to keep your fabric blade just for fabric which is why Silhouette has their fabric blade in a blue case to help you keep the blades apart. They are actually the very same blade used for vinyl and paper cutting. A lot of people use the cricut mat as replacement mats due to the price difference but I have found that amazon carries a large assortment of silhouette products and I get both my regular Sil mats at a great price. If you do a search of vinyl cutting items on amazon or even ebay you will find a VAST amount of supplies. I don't buy the silhouette vinyl as I have not had very good results with them and use Oracle Vinyl instead and it is a much better product IMO. The Silhouette store does have a HUGE amount of design files and there is never a shipping cost for those but if you buy mats, blades etc from them there will be. The cameo comes with basic software, I do suggest upgrading to the Design Edition which is usually around 25.00 if you shop around for it. Several folks I know use different software but I have no experience with them but can tell you that I've heard no complaints about any certain ones. Also, I would encourage anyone who has a facebook to search for Silhouette groups, there are several and they are AMAZING places for questions or problems you may run across when using your Sil. Often folks in these groups will share files they have designed themselves as well. I love all the things I can do with my Sil and chose it over other cutters on the market due to the price being the best for the amount of things you can do with it. There are no expensive cartridges you have to purchase, the machine itself is much less expensive than the Brother machine and IMO can do as much if not more than that machine with incredible accuracy.
Mar 22, 2015
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