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May 5, 2016
More impressions from that thread:
A: "I would describe the sound as fairly even, even laid back at times on quiet tracks. It has a fast response as the other Campfires IEMs I have tried. The NOVA is clear, smooth, well controlled and even. There didn`t seem to be any issues of fatigue and they were balanced overall with no emphasis on lows, mids or highs. less coloring than the Jupiter and Andromeda, perhaps even no coloring at all. Reminded me a bit of the DITAs. *Keep in mind I only listened for a short time."
B: "It’s for those who want a thicker, more velvety take on Orion’s ectomorphic purity; and for those want more bass. "
The main problem for me is that it sounds like the Novas have a "fun" signature for certain kinds of music (vocal, EDM), but not perhaps the greatest range and detail for classical music. I love the look and the aesthetic of the Novas, but it sounds as though the Andromedas would be far better for the music I prefer. There seem to be a lot of "fun" MD exclusives and not much emphasis on high-end analytical and reference collaborations. The AKG 7XXs seem the best fit for classical music so far.
May 5, 2016
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