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Jun 9, 2016
Got mine today also. After three hours straight of listening the jury is still out. It might be that my expectations were higher the normal coupled with anticipation of a higher end . Using my Fiio X3ii with e12A produced the best quality sound of any other source I tried (which is the most powered source I have). Verza DAC was mediocre compared to my Trinity Atlas. Straight out of my Denon 4200 (including pumping it through the e12A) was mediocre. Must give these more time I guess. Lower expectations and start with fresh head I must!
Other reviews and Jupiter and Andromeda all commented that the sharp edges were a problem. After three straight hours, including lying on one side of my head, the edges haven't bothered me at all. Fit is comfy and easy to find the right angle.
I will say, poorly recorded MP3's really sound like crap on Spundose FLAC and APE sounded pretty damn good. I might need a less balanced and more V shaped for my own personal tastes listening to electronica, EDM, psytrance and all things techno. Might be a long night breaking these in and finding the right configuration for their sweet spot. Gain H or L, Using EQ or not? What volume setting?
Build, packaging, carry case, wires, look and Comply tips all beyond EXCEPTIONAL. I really really really want like these. Feel like Christmas time.(not sure why it doesn't show me as participating in drop????)
More to come........
Jun 9, 2016
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