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Apr 6, 2016
I disagree with others, and haven't had any issues with this lens. It has been great on my 5D III and 7D, and I'd very highly recommend it as a portrait lens for anyone shooting with an APS-C sensor (most Canon DSLR's). On such a cropped sensor this becomes an effective 80mm f/2.2 (for depth of field purposes, while still letting in the equivalent of f/1.4 light), making it the best portrait lens you'll get for less than 300 bucks. At an effective f/2.2 on crop sensors, it will (generally) give you better background blur than the $2500 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II.
Construction is very solid, focusing quick, and IQ excellent; it ABSOLUTELY is a huge step up from the f/1.8 in all three departments, and at $278 with shipping is a great deal (tho if you have an f/1.8, consider a different focal length prime lens). I've purchased lenses overseas and grey market ones in the US (not to mention used ones off CL) and have only had one issue, ever (a used EF-S lens that had bad contacts but which I fixed with some 99% ethyl alcohol and a q-tip). Do you really need to shell out $950 for the Sigma Art lens, $450 for the non-Art version, or $1300 for the f/1.2? Hell no. And if, by chance, you end up with some bad lens (which will be noticeable immediately, tho it's never happened to me), at worst you're out $280.
If you don't have a 50mm lens already--or any prime lenses for that matter--definitely get this lens!
Apr 6, 2016
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