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Jan 19, 2017
Great belt - it has many years of use ahead of it. I found some of the sharp corners inside the buckle make it a bit finicky at first but it wears in quickly. It's great not having to worry about getting out of a belt when ya gotta 'drop the kids off at the pool' in a hurry.
More information for future buyers: The single thickness option is the everyday wear model (it fits the belt loops on my Dockers fine). Also, heads up to all new owners, I don't know if they rent warehouse space from a zoo or what, but wow, straight out of the packaging these things smell like monkey turds. Not clownin' - just saying.
All in all, great product - however, I do wish they'd do something about the top edge of the buckle, ya know, for us fat guys - 'cause it digs in like a sumb!tch if ya don't have your shirt tucked in.
Jan 19, 2017
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