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Oct 2, 2014
What kind of setup would require the Var.Out.Mod ? More to people want to use external amps ?
Source - DACmini - Ext.Amp
Are you guys sure the vol.dial will not be usable at all? I'm planning to use with my PC that will be link to my speakers, would the var.out.mod benefit me?
This is getting confusing on the var.out.mod....
Oct 2, 2014
Michael Goodman
Oct 2, 2014
ShazrafAgain, using the var out mod makes you turn two knobs to adjust the volume of external speakers -- both the DACmini volume knob and the external speakers volume knob -- they will both adjust the volume at the speakers.
In the stock configuration, DACmini's volume knob ONLY affects its OWN headphone output. The speakers volume knob affects ONLY the speakers.
Oct 2, 2014
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