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Sep 30, 2015
Possible fix to help some Windows 7 users: Took me a few days, but finally got this working on my PC after resolving 2 separate issues:
1.) My Windows 7 64 bit machine would not install the driver at all, it would fail installation with an "error 15: Access Denied". Ended up being a Windows permissions issue... I was a member of the Administrators Security Group not the standard Users Security Group. The folder where the driver is stored explicitly required membership to that group (seems like this may have been a weird issue in how I created my account on the PC, this PC is part of an Active Directory domain)
2.) After successful driver installation, Windows Device Manager refused to acknowledge that the driver was digitally signed, even though it clearly was signed with valid certificates. This was causing the driver to not load properly when plugging in the DAC. In a normal situation, you would fix this by installing all available Windows Updates, which incorporates a security patch to address this, but in my case the Windows Update Checker was not acknowledging that I was missing this patch. to manually fix this you need to install two Microsoft Security Advisory patches in a particular order: KB3035131 and then KB3033929. Google those and install the associated .msu files to fix.
Hope this helps someone :0)
The DAC sounds awesome BTW, very black background and crisp sound!
Sep 30, 2015
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