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Oct 11, 2015
I live in Hong Kong. Received my package yesterday finally. Unfortunately, I ordered 2 units; one for myself and the other one for my buddy. I find just only 1 unit in my package :( Already wrote email to Massdrop support. No feedback so far. ) I tested DACport Slim with my PC's. PC set 1, running Windows 64bit sp1 I have installed the Windows updates KB3035131 and then KB3033929. Some USB ports on my PC is not recognized the ceudusb - 7.4.18 driver, while some USB are able to recognize it. Show it attached photo. It plays a strange noise, when I play sound as the default sound device. No LUCK.
PC set 2, running Windows 10 pro No any major issue. I play DACport Slim with HE400i 32ohms, I have to max both the system and Slim sound output, I have barely sound loud enough. I use the default setting - low gain.
I will test this with my surface 3 later.
The initial comments on sound quality: No noise, clean and clarity. This is a high value device if the driver problem can be solved eventually.
Suggestion: It will be nice if the volume control on the device can be print some indication like 1, 2, 3 ... etc to show the sound volume.
Oct 11, 2015
Michael Goodman
Oct 12, 2015
If your volume is not enough, take a toothpick and move the GAIN switch to the HIGH position. We set it to LOW at the factory to avoid making it too loud for IEM users. In the HIGH position, you will have plenty of level and nothing to worry about.
Oct 12, 2015
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