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Michael Goodman
Oct 14, 2015
Hello from Michael Goodman, CEntrance CEO. I wanted to touch base and say "thanks" for everyone's patience, as we took the time to understand your setup issues and solve them one-by-one. I'm happy to report that support emails have decreased dramatically! Most people are happily listening to music and enjoying this amazing deal. Let me explain what we found and what we've done to fix it.
We have identified two issues, which have affected some customers, but not all. The first issue is USB stability, when the Slim may work on one USB port, but not the other. We have a fix for this, which comes in the form of a firmware update. We have sent out a Mac updater utility to Mac users. Once we hear back from a number of them and learn about their experience, we will post the updater on our website for download, likely tomorrow. A similar utility will be available this week for Windows users. This firmware upgrade will solve the majority of people's USB connection issues and make your Slim even more awesome! The firmware upgrade is absolutely free. If your Slim works well, you may not need to upgrade immediately, but at some point, it's probably a good idea to update the unit.
The second issue is Windows 10 compatibility. This only affects PC users. Mac is not affected. We have released a Windows 10 driver some time ago , which worked well with ASIO applications such as JRiver and Foobar, but it didn't yet support basic Windows audio, such as YouTube videos. We are working very hard on delivering a full-function Windows 10 driver, so that you can listen to all audio on Windows. I have mentioned before how Microsoft has thrown us (and every other audio company) a giant curve by essentially damaging the audio in Windows 10 compared to Windows 7 and 8. We are working to "undamage" it and return the audio to normal, by ripping out Windows' built-in, broken audio driver and installing our own, working driver in its place. Stand by for more info on this, which will hopefully be the last thing we need to do to solve all remaining issues.
Lastly, we have heard that the product may be brought back soon in limited quantities. The timing is good, as most initial technical issues are well behind us now. I want to reach out to old and new customers and assure you that we will help you get fully setup, so you can enjoy this amazing deal. You can buy with confidence, because CEntrance stands behind you.
Note that quantities on this next drop are limited and the drop may end prematurely once stock runs out, so try to act quickly to make sure you can get your unit before the drop ends.
Happy Listening!
Oct 14, 2015
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