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Nov 27, 2015
Got my new Slim today. I plugged it into my main Win7 computer after installing the universal driver. Didn't work. Tried on my MacBookPro running El C. Worked immediately and well. Nice invisible background. Went back to Win7 box. I tried a couple of more times but found I was ignoring a major part of the directions: close all audio applications before installing the driver the first time. Did that and all worked. Tried both USB2 and USB3, both worked.
Now I have to re-rip some of the music I have since this is showing me that some of the music I had is not just showing up badly distorted because of my audio card. It is the same now on my Note5, MBP and now the Win7 with DP Slim. Great music debugging tool and general DAC/AMP. It drives my headphones with lots of headroom (AudioQuest Nighthawks). Sound is great with these phones. The Slim also works great with my old WestOne 4R IEMs. Both headphone/Slim combinations are sweet sounding and musical to my ears.
Nov 27, 2015
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