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Feb 9, 2016
To share my experiences, I also bought this during October 2015 drop. I was very excited for this product as it appeared well built, plenty capable and perfectly size for travel…However…
1) I never was able to get it to work with my regular work laptop (Dell 54xx series). Initially it appeared to be a driver issue with the official suggested solution being "just find someone else's computer that recognizes it and update the software". No I am not joking. That did not solve the issue, yet I still get hassled about it.
2) It also does not work on my personal business laptop Dell 13.3" 7000 laptop (with Windows 10). Same issue; drivers/codecs/device/whatever cannot be recognized.
3) It does work on my home desktop replacement 17" HP Envy, but it is pointless being I have a Schiit stack for that set up. It also ran very hot with my HD600; not scold your skin hot, but enough for my girlfriend to be concerned if the device was functioning properly.
In the end; I just bought SMSL V2 DAC/Amp for my regular laptop. No issues and sounds great with my DT1350s. For my personal work laptop I found B/T cans more convenient since I travel with it much more.
TL;DR. I was never able to get it to work with my 2 work laptops and it runs very hot on my home desktop replacement. I have no clue if its my bad luck, hardware/software issues, single bad product or a bigger production issue. At this point I do not care and moved on (and also don't care for "But wait! There is another update!" or “just keep contacting support”).
I am very happy and jealous for the people that are enjoying this product. Unfortunately, from my single individual data point (which means jack sh*t) I cannot recommend it :) But it is what it is sometimes.
Feb 9, 2016
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