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Apr 4, 2016
I got my Dacport slim today. Iv been going back and forth between it and my schiit fulla and here are my impressions. The dacport slim has a little more detail than the fulla but the fulla sounds more natural to me. If i had to describe their sound sigs i would say the dacport is analytical and favors highs. Its mids and lows are balanced between the two but the highs at times I feel are over whelming and so far has been fatiguing. Because of this i have to turn the volume down and it makes the lows and mids almost seem recessed.
The Fulla although lacks some of the details the slim can bring out, however it to me is warmer sounding and is more enjoyable to listen to. The mids and lows have a greater presence over the slim and still has great highs but are not as fatiguing as the slim. I can listen to the Fulla at higher volumes than the slim because the highs are not as harsh as the slim. The fulla sounds smoother to me and by that i mean sounds sort of fade into each other or blend a little, it sounds more natural. With the slim sounds are more defined or sharp which adds to this amp/dac being analytical in nature, however this adds a sort of harshness to its sound making it a little fatiguing.
I would recommend the slim to those wanting to get all the details in their music but in shorter listening sessions. I would recommend the fulla to those that want a more enjoyable "more natural" sound experience and dont mind missing some of the finer details.
I would not recommend the slim to bass lovers as you wont be able to get the volume up enough to enjoy the bass because the highs will pierce your ears before then.
The slim is not in any way a bad dac/amp its just I personally would only recommend it to more analytical listeners. I would recommend the fulla to everyone else.
Listening was done on a akg 7xx from massdrop. The usb cables for both fulla and slim are gold plated with ferrite cores to reduce emi.
Apr 4, 2016
Michael Goodman
Apr 5, 2016
Thank you for the review. Yes, headphones are going to change the sound. We have a lot of customers report good results with Beyers, Sennheisers, Audeze and Mr. Speakers. For bass boost, try DACportable.
Apr 5, 2016
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