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Apr 22, 2014
For anyone interested... I brought these speakers without a present dac/amp setup with the plan on getting the CEntrance amp when it dropped. However I got too impatient having them look at me each day so I went ahead and purchased a NuForce Icon2 desktop amp setup ( which has a built in dac, 24W speaker outputs and headphone amp which seemed to be a good setup for what I was using it for (computer at home).
With it all setup and running, I am really pleased with the performance of it all, my first experience with a half decent setup so don't really have much to compare it against though. The only slight problem I guess is that the amp has RJ45-banana plugs cables to the speaker (supplied) so was not able to use the fancy CEntrance cables.
Just thought I'd let you know what I ended up doing in case it would help anyone. I hope everyone else is enjoying the speakers as much as I!
Apr 22, 2014
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