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Oct 15, 2018
Playing through this game with my wife and two friends (one relatively new to board games). The play time is a lot longer than an hour per game, of course three sets of kids to manage changes that. We all like that the turns themselves go relatively quick. Often a slow down is not knowing that it is your turn. This is our groups third worker placement game and favorite to date. We are through 4 games already. It has a bit of a rough start! The video sure helps. Occasionally we are confused, but have loved the art style, the play, and the unlocking process. I'll eventually pick up the recharge pack as it does have replay value.
I got the base game for $35 from on sale just a few weeks ago, it's currently at $45 there, $48 at, and $41 from The first two have shipping costs to consider. The recharge pack is around $21 at all of them. The lowest Amazon has ever seen was $38, and that was back in January so this price for the bundle is fairly good.
If you like worker placement games, and have a group that you can get together with regularly, this is a great game.
Oct 15, 2018
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