Cherrywood Fabrics QuiltCon Bundle
Cherrywood Fabrics QuiltCon Bundle
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When working on your next quilt, you have a wide range of commercial fabrics to choose from, but no material features the rich hand, feel, and unique colors of hand-dyed Cherrywood fabric. The high-quality cotton looks and feels like suede, comes preshrunk and colorfast, and features no right or wrong side and no nap Read More

Apr 1, 2015
I should add that I did not order, but just requested it.
Apr 1, 2015
I love the colors except for the carrot and citron. Wish I could get this without those colors. Anybody want to swap them?
Hey everyone,
We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out!
Thanks again for the support guys. Make sure to share your experience with the Cherrywood Fabrics QuiltCon Bundle on Massdrop.
If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at
Hey Guys,
We spoke to the vendor earlier today and they are still preparing the group's order for shipment. We will stay in contact with them and update the group as soon as the bulk order arrives at our warehouse.
Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 10/13 or sooner if something comes up.
I just realized that this bundle does not come with the white that is required for the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Bundle... I wish I would have seen that or I would have ordered elsewhere for this. Is that something they mistakenly missed? Asking since this is a specific color palette for QuiltCon. If white is not included, then I made a huge mistake ordering through MassDrop when it is supposed to be cheaper and I could have ordered for $4.00 cheaper elsewhere INCLUDING the White. *Quite sincerely, now looking at what others are charging and what MassDrop is charging, I am beginning to wonder why I began ordering through MassDrop in the first place as I also found another one that I could have gotten this bundle WITH the white for only $12.00 when I just paid $18.99 for this WITHOUT the White. Moving forward, I won't be ordering through MassDrop without verifying that it is in fact a "good deal". I do believe this is misleading considering that MassDrop is supposed to represent itself on getting lower prices since more people buy. Hugely disappointed.
Oct 9, 2014
Due to the complexities of hand-dying muslin, Cherrywood cannot product a pure white fabric. The drop showed pictures of what was included in the bundle and listed the colors in the options. Since these are fat quarters, you would likely be combining them with your own background fabric anyway, and they would look fantastic with any high-quality white cotton or linen. You would not be able to find the bundle of Cherrywood Fabrics elsewhere, as it was sold exclusively through Massdrop once the drop started. You might be able to find 7 fat quarters of fabric somewhere else, but they would not have the rich hand, beautiful texture, and deep complex coloring of Cherrywood cotton. This is an extremely high quality, beautiful cotton and was sold here for a great price.
Hey everyone,
We placed the order for The Cherrywood Fabrics QuiltCon Bundle shortly after the drop ended.
Our vendor will be preparing it for shipment.
The moment we receive confirmation regarding the shipping schedule from the vendor, we will provide you guys with updated information.
Expect an update from us on 10/7 or sooner if something comes up.