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Jan 27, 2021
Semi drunken comment from a Brit (well, actually a Scot, and it's late here); I have purchased three Chord products: a Mojo, a Poly, and a Qutest. One thing I did not realise, is the scale of Chord; we are not talking about a large-scale manufacturing plant, but a very small dedicated company that hand-makes / hones their products. I found this out trying to purchase a 2go/2yu as a streamer to feed my Qutest driven HiFi system - due to Covid, it has been unavailable for over a year. Where am, I going with this... They just cannot seem to keep up with demand. Do what I have done; go direct (sorry Drop), buy from the UK, as I have done with all my Schiit and Campfire products, purchased from the US. There may be import tax etc. but you get what you ask for and the knowledge that it is traceable to source. To get back on topic - do it. The Mojo is a marvel, the Poly... Well, it needs to be nurtured - but it does provide amazing clarity. My Sennheiser 660s almost like it as much as my Mr Speakers Aeon open - just looking forward to seeing how my Drop Meze 99 Neo's fare.
Jan 27, 2021
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