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Oct 24, 2019
This knife punches way above its price.  Fit, finish, centering & lockup are all perfect. And though it is difficult to open with the pad of your thumb on top of the stud, I found it will snap open easily every time with a thumbnail flick against the side of the stud, particularly if you push at right angles to a line between the stud and pivot - that is, up and out at the same time. Works equally well from either side, and with the reversible clip this is a perfect south-paw's blade! The deep-carry clip is very strong, but pairing it with CF scales means it stays put, but slides easily out of my pocket . . . where it's been daily since I got it, getting a lot of use along the way. (Thought I'd carry it until the D2 needed sharpening, but that hasn't happened yet; so far, it's holding its edge longer than many 'better steel' knives I own. ) One comment about the CF. It's thicker than on any of my other knives - and I like CF a lot - which is all the more surprising that the upgrade price was $3, not $15 or $20! I did notice that the edges of the CF weren't as smoothly finished as I would like, but 15 minutes with a strip of 2500-grit sandpaper remedied that easily. All in all, very satisfied. I'll be looking for this marque in the future, for sure.
Oct 24, 2019
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