CJRB Mangrove D2 Folding Knife
CJRB Mangrove D2 Folding Knife
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Product Description
The Mangrove from CJRB has an unconventional design. The blade, which measures 3.5 inches long, has a teardrop shape with a large belly and an upswept groove along the spine Read More

Jun 14, 2020
In stock and $37.95 at BladeHQ.
Mar 13, 2020
No complaints here. Yeah, it took longer to ship than advertised but I was ok with that. I emailed Customer Service inquiring about the delay and received a very quick response offering an RMA with pre paid shipping in the event I wanted to send it back. I expressed my gratitude and was patient to receive the order and I’m glad I did. I can see a lot of use in this guy’s future. Comfortable and seemingly well built. Thanks Drop for this product offering.
Mar 10, 2020
Really eye opening this could be the best knife ever , still wouldn't buy from drop again. Lack of updates and shipping 2 weeks after they said they would. I'm good
Mar 10, 2020
Finally got the tracking number. Check your emails
Mar 9, 2020
No updates on when these will be shipped? Welcome to my last order from drop
Mar 9, 2020
I really wondering what's the point of Drop.com? I'm okay that this isn't the fastest site or the cheapest but, when I have to wait longer than the expected with no explanation it makes my resolve to not buy anything here stronger.
Mar 6, 2020
Soooo drop... any updates?
Mar 7, 2020
"nah, we're good"
Feb 28, 2020
Also delayed i guess. And again no further info by drop... Guys really?
Feb 27, 2020
Is this delayed till March as well?
Feb 5, 2020
Mine just arrived from WMK (where I see the natural is sold out now) I've owned a few Artisans, some that made me skeptical about buying this, others that have been pretty impressive. This one falls in the pretty impressive category, for its sub $40 price The machining on the G10 is more subtle than I expected, but it's nice, and done cleanly. No flaws spotted so far (haven't disassembled yet) Action is smooth. Detent is a bit on the weak side, and can be shaken open, but it hasn't failed to fully deploy. Doesn't quite drop shut, but takes very little coercion. Blade is very respectably sharp. Even bevels, and surprisingly has a rather acute back bevel with a tiny micro-bevel. I'd almost think they got sloppy with the sharpening and went off angle....but it looks very even and intentional, at <$40?! Just surprising. Only complaints I have so far (minor) : -I still think their flipper tabs look a bit clunky. Functional, but not really integrated into the overall design. -pocket clip too... Functional, but very generic, and creates a bit of a hot spot in the hand. -i'd like to see them break the edge on the inside of the liners, they're a bit sharp. There is a mild chamfer on the lockbar release, which is good in theory...but it's very shallow and ends with just a thinner piece of metal with a 90° edge on it, so that kind of backfired, i think. -likewise, the outer edges of the scales could use a little rounding over. Especially at the peak over the lockbar release, and where the "carving" in the g10 has left thinner edges All in all, feels MUCH higher quality than the older g10 Artisans I've had. Would recommend for a budget folder brand to look at
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Sep 26, 2020