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Apr 27, 2016
Mine arrived this morning. This time the shipping schedule was far exceeded. The shipping package was very well done, no evidence of any damage. The C3 was shipped with a better than average USB cable for charging and computer connection. The C3 is plugged in now and music is being transferred to it. TYVM Massdrop. Just based on the product packaging and the quality construction, I should have bought several more. LOLs
Update: Sounds really good with my MEE IEMS
2ND Update: It has been a few days. I formatted a 64GB Samsung MicroSDXC card for FAT32 and it works in the C3. It didn't work at first. Swapped to a different flash card reader which had a MicroSDXC slot, avoided using using the SD adapter and now all is good. I had to learn how to convert some of my 24bit FLAC stuff to 16bit 44.1khz. Converted a few albums from Apple loss less. It was all a learning process. The stuff I ripped a long time ago from CD to FLAC or 320kbps MP3 plays just fine. Sounds good with my K7xx, 553 Pro, M50x, Ostry KC60A, Brainwavz, Mee and a variety of cheap stuff. Differing levels of max volume, depending on the headphone, but its all listenable. Basically this player demonstrates to me, that CD quality FLAC is still a quite good format, if the original music was well recorded. Its probably a reflection on my ears and how much I (really can't really) hear anymore.
The player interface is really, really simplistic. If you need more than point to a folder of songs, this isn't for you. Battery life is really good. More than a few hours into the initial charge, still showing more than half battery life.
I intend use this as my main player while doing chores in and around the house. It all goes more pleasantly with some music playing. In this mode the simplistic interface is not a handicap, its light weight, small size, long battery life is very advantageous.
Apr 27, 2016
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