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Aug 3, 2016
UPDATE To my story... Since I posted it, I had a long and intense exchange of e-mails with "rdc2000" - Ross, and nobody can ever claim that this guy don't fight hard for his brand, believe me... I expressed myself about that misadventure I had with their product, and how bad I felt... And honestly it was a relief for me to be able to talk to someone who work inside that brand... The Conklin thing have been an heartbreaking one for me, because even if I am a fountain pen user, collector and passionate, I did not had much "crush" on a specific pen or brand, if you except my passion for 1920's Parker "Big Red" and "Lucky Curve" era pens... But I had a very special crush for Conklin modern pens when I bought my first "Mark Twain" pen a few years ago, and I must admit that the pen never left me down (it was the "orange Halloween" marbleled one). That pen really amazed be, both for the filling system (crescent filler) and the quality of the stub nib - and believe me, stub and italic nibs are THE thing for me and why, at first, I love fountain pens... I am not a rich person. and I started to want all the Conklin pens after that... and I got them, Duragraph, Glider, and if you look into their facebook page archive, you can even find a word from me praising them... For me it was THE modern fountain pen brand I liked, more than any other... So when you read the story about the limited edition demo and how the matter I had have been handeled back then, you must understand how crushed I felt about it... I lost a big, a HUGE part of my fountain pen passion that day, and I must assure you that, since then, I did not bought any new modern fountain pen from anyone, if you except some very low priced pens on Massdrop or some others sellers... When they contacted me after my "review" in here, I did not wanted, honestly, to have anything to do with them anymore... Just thinking about what happened last spring was painful for me (it really is - its really a big dream and a big passion that I lost back then, a dream that lasted many years)... But I was glad to make them know how I felt about all that, and I must admit that for me, client feedback, especially bad feedback, is something important because when you get into some peoples that care about it and want to improve things inside their brand, well, its a noble thing and it must be encouraged... You may find that stupid but I lost some sleep over it and I had to fight very hard inside of me to try to be as constructive as possible and not just let my anger talk... I did not wanted anything back from them... But they let myself explain, with my terrible, how I felt, what kind of misadventure it was for me, what it represented... But I wanted to express myself and did not wanted anything back... I wanted to put that behind me for now on and return to my old vintage pens... Yesterday, as I was thinking that story was now ended and behind me for good, Ross wrote be back again, hoping to find a way to fix things for me and wanted me to reconsider my position... and I slept bad all night long about it... One one side I just want to forget about it... and on another hand, well, I felt that Ross was sincere about it and who know, maybe after some misadventure a brand and move foward and improve both their quality and service, especially since they decided to take time to listen to some frustrated and disapointed client... Locking myself in my anger and sadness and disapointment had nothing good, for me and for them... So after warning Ross that I'll review their remplacement pen, for good or bad, and in detail, in my honest way, I decided to give it a go and see what will happend... So, why do I tell you all that in so much details? For a simple good reason... To be honest and tell that maybe I shall not have been so angry and shall have talked a bit more back then instead of locking myself in my frustration... I shall have insisted more but on another hand, it really was the worst and biggest fail I ever felt looking for a "holy grail" pen... I also do it in honesty for Ross who really took the time to listen to me and to understand my feeling - and I know it was painful because my english is very terrible lol And I wanted so much the peoples to be able to TALK, as customer, as client, and brand to listen, especially when we talk about some product that are more expensive than usual, that often represent a sacrifice to get it... Peoples must learn to share their feedback again, good or bad, and brand shall start to listen to them again - especially in out word where craftmanship seem to get lost into computer machined stuff... Quality shall be built with effort, and I dream that we may get back to the dear old time where exchange between clients and brand were really used to build better product... But brand are not the only guilty part of that, client have their role to play to in a world were we throw stuff in the trash bin and just buy something else most of the time... So we'll see! Conklin product made me so happy before that heartbreaking misadventure... We'll see... But I thank Ross to have been so willing to make me happy again... We dont see that too often anymore!
Aug 3, 2016
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