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Sep 27, 2017
Got it few days ago. Not really cool. It come without any notice, so you don't really know the characteristic of each switch. Plus, some switch are duplicated which is totally stupid for a switch tester. As a result, it doesn't worth the price. Quality is good. Very difficult to remove caps by hand, which is bad for a switch tester where you could think of changing switch more often than on a keyboard. Layout is also not good for a tester. Maybe a line switch layout would allow a better isolation of the feeling of one specific switch. That square layout is not good for a switch tester and moving switch is a nightmare (see previous point). I've seen previous comment where the box need to be opened to move switch but no tool is delivered to allow this. I'm not able to do this by hand. My conclusion : bad realisation of a good idea.
My suggestion : a 5 to 10 switchs square hole in a line, easy to move around and change + a set of 20 switch. A metal "n design bar" with no back or bottom. From behind, with no tool one can push switch to remove it very easily without tool. Add laminated notice that details all 20 switch characteristics =>that would be a great switch tester.
Sep 27, 2017
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