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Mar 3, 2015
Gonna pull out if it doesn't deliver in a few weeks. Stayin strong, but this is just insane for how long this is taking. I was expecting it back in time for Christmas, then maybe Valentine's Day - now the constant lack of updates and information after nearly 5 months, or 150 days thereabouts is just leaving a sour taste in my mouth on what I was expecting to be a great keyboard.
More compensation at the very least for what else popped up would be great, perhaps instead of a keyswitch tester and $20.00 off at their store (which costs like 50.00 - 100.00 to ship up to Alaska anyway), a mouse or a case would be a better consolation than something I can't even use to my advantage, or a switch tester which is just a novelty item at this point when you can just youtube what the switches sound like.
We'll see what happens I guess, but wow, first time trying this site out and this happens? The luck hahah.
Mar 3, 2015
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