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Mar 13, 2015
Great news!
As @KenM_CM pointed out, the container for our order of the keyboard finally cleared the port and the shipment of the keyboard arrived at Cooler Master’s facility just moments ago. In the meantime, we are arranging ground freight to have this shipped to our warehouse first thing on Monday. Once it is on its way, we expect the shipment to arrive our warehouse in 7 days.
Our guys at the warehouse are all prepared to handle the shipments and they will be prioritizing this order as soon as it shows up. To make up for the delay, we will also be upgrading the ship method for domestic members to UPS 3 Days, and USPS Priority for members outside of the US.
In an effort to manage the delay, we’ve been working on the side to explore alternative options. And we’ve been offering to groups of the members as we finalize these options. That’s why some of you might have received emails from us in the past 2 weeks with details describing your options. Feel free to revise your order at any point up until the CM Storm Keyboard arrives at our warehouse, and we will do everything we can to accommodate.
If you have any additional questions about the status of your order, feel free to contact Massdrop Support directly. We’ll be happy to help however we can.
Thanks for your patience, and it’s a relief that we are finally in the last stretch now. Expect an update from us on 3/20 or sooner
Mar 13, 2015
Mar 13, 2015
Awesome! Glad things are moving in the right direction!!
Mar 13, 2015
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