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Feb 16, 2018
I picked these up from a lightning deal on Amazon in 2013 for $70. For the size and at that price they are ok. After picking up some Edifiers the T40s were relegated to the the garage, but then I picked up a SoundBox XL and the T40s are now sitting in a box on a shelf.
Mids are hollow and over emphasized. Upper bass is way too heavy while midbass they fall on their face. Something like an open E string on a bass guitar makes them puke.
If you want portable, bluetooth and better overall sound a Doss Soundbox XL is a lot happier than these. For MUCH better sound but not so small some Edifier 1280Ts outshine the T40s, or wait and catch the 1700BTs on sale for around the same price and annihilate these. Put on some decent cans, go to youtube and look for "Creative T40 II vs Edifier R1700BT" it's night and day.
Feb 16, 2018
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