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Aug 16, 2017
This is a good desk/portable AMP/DAC and pairs pretty well with my Fidelio X2/27 for PC gaming and brought a new life for my SE425 IEM. Important to notice that if you think about using it with and android device, you may have the problem I have with the smartphone being charged with the E5 batery This is my main problem and it`s impossible to deactivate it. Maybe this is a positive point for some but this thing really bothers me. It`s powerfull too and can play my DT990 PRO 300ohm problably until it`s max. For playing music in home it`s obvious you`ll find something better but for a portable DAC/AMP and mainly for games I think it`s a good step up for a lot of people that plugs their headphones into an onboard device. Plus: it has a very good and sensitive built in stereo mic that made my life easier as I like to play with the X2 instead of a headset.
Aug 16, 2017
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