Creative Sound BlasterX Katana
Creative Sound BlasterX Katana
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Since introducing the popular Sound Blaster series of sound cards, Creative has earned a reputation for its high-quality audio products spanning headsets, speakers, amplifiers, and DACs. The Katana is the latest in the Sound BlasterX series Read More

Apr 29, 2020
So sad creative, so sad!‏ I like creative stuff and before 5 months I bought my BlasterX Katana, Today since 5 months I first turned the bar on, the lights shows me issue. about 30 leds (most of the led bar all the left side) turned off and now they not responding. I wish to know how can I solve it. KSP (the company I bought it from them - the official seller of creative products in my country) told me to contact you. I saw a lot of people with this leds issue. I wanted to buy more of creative stuff like the sound pcie card and more but now I will not buy anything unless I see its can be fixed easly without RMA.
Nov 25, 2019
Is there a way to pair a headset with the katana?
Oct 21, 2019
Looks like this forum is quite for some time , alright lets refresh it a little , just bought the katana , i can say it has an excellent Surround sound but only for the half circle in front of you , nothing from behind , if you test with windows 7.1 channel test or any Other test file that makes sound from each speaker you will notice that the rear surround channels comes from front or some times From the sides But never from behind , This tech is supposed to be able to bounce the sound from the walls behind you to give the illusion of the rear speakers , But it Doesn't , i have a Samsung galaxy tab S4 which is able to produce sounds from behind you so (But with much Worse audio quality) , so i was expecting this sound bar to be able to do this , but still an excellent 3D sound sensation Overall despite the absence of the rear part , another question : knowing that the sound bar doesn't support Dolby Atmos What is the use of the two up firing speakers ?
Aug 16, 2019
Heck when will this baby come back? I want one.
Jun 13, 2019
Hi, after I upgrade my PC to Win10 1903, I can't control the volume when I select my PS4(connect via optical). The volume is just the same no matter the volume is 1 or 49. It does mute on Vol. 0. It works again after I unplug the USB cable to PC.
Jul 21, 2019
did u solve this problem?
Jun 5, 2019
I've looked for solutions and tried all of the ones I could find online. I'm trying to update my firmware/driver to get rid of the sound popping bug. Also my light configurations reset whenever the bar turns on/off. When I try to update the firmware it says "new firmware available" so I click download and then install. Then the next popup says "This program will up9grade the firmware of your Sound BlasterX Katana. Press Upgrade to begin." Once I press upgrade it says "No firmware upgrade is performed. Device has the same or newer firmware." Any suggestions?
Mar 3, 2019
Eyo! So I got my katana for Christmas and i'm loving it. But i have encountered a problem. Whenever i turn up the volume to above 30 on the speaker it just turns itself off after 10 min. Anyone know something i should try to fix this??
Jan 9, 2019
Hi, Greetings! I am having intermittent sound pops and clicks with my new Sound BlasterX Katana. No matter what applications I am using, including iTunes and Google Chrome playing Youtube, as long as they have audio, the sound bar has intermittent (instead of steady) pops and clicks in sound. Anyone having the same issue? (~0:02 ONLY, the rest of the sounds are only the playback) (~0:02) (~0:02) Anson
Jan 9, 2019
These are the methods I have tried but not working:
  • upgrading Windows 10 from revision 1709 to 1809
  • plugging in all interconnected devices (sound bar, monitor etc.) into the same power strips to avoid group loop
  • updating firmware and ensuring the PC has the up-to-date driver installed
  • plugging in the sound bar into different USB ports (both Intel's and ASMedia's)
  • checking DPC latency using LatencyMon with no abnormality that could cause dropouts detected
  • cross-checking by plugging in the sound bar into another PC; same issue happened
The audio playback with bluetooth connection with iPhone appears not to have issue. This is really frustrating.
Jan 30, 2019
HI there.. had to chime in on this … I have this exact same issue... Win 10 (1809) I've have a Asus Rog z390-e Mobo with all the latest chipset drivers (Intel 1828.12.0.1152), latest Bios 702... It is not a loud pop or anything but just a subtle Clicking that happens periodically and I can definitely say it is almost identical to the linked recordings in the sound cloud posted by TszChunAnson …  Very annoying and distracting.... When I use my Arctis 7 Wireless headset, I do not get these sounds.... I've also tried much of the same troubleshooting as you have done.... Disabled onboard Audio Disabled Virus scanners unplugged all usb devices (other than Katana, mouse and Keyboard) I've also tried using my Inatek USB 3.0 Pcie controller ports (same issues)… I've disabled all Audio enhancments Tried the different bit rates Tried plugging the power into different circuits Turned off lighting and dimmer switches/heaters.. lol.. Next step... Try optical Try a different Micro USB Try the USBc - USB adapter... Not sure if DigitalRonyn (Creative guy) is still watching this thread or not, but it would be nice to get this resolved...
Jan 6, 2019
Hi DigitalRonyn and a happy new from Greece, I have two problems and two questions about the Katana if you can help me I would be much obliged! 1. I follow the instructions you gave to zloaf about the recognition of Katana as a 7.1 device but when I reach to the speaker setup window it has only one option highlighted "Speakers" and nothing else. (I have the latest Windows update and katana drivers and firmware). Is there a solution? 2. I have a problem with the remote control and I really need it. The Katana is not responding to the remote unless everytime I remove the remotes battery and reinsert it back! That is very strange! The battery is brand new! Any thoughts? And the two questions 1. Is there a way to change between speakers and headphones without inserting and removing the headphones jack (via software for example)? Because as you know it's on the back of the speakers not a very convenient position to use! 2. Do I have to tweak something on the Speakers properties tab to have the best expirience with the Katana? For example on the Enhancements tab or the Spartial sound tab? Thank you!
Jan 14, 2019
Hi, thank you for your response. I have installed the Sound Blaster Connect Software but no change. Is there a manual for this software? I can't find it! Anyway about your problem... try to change the USB cable with a better one (gold platted) perhaps you will see an improvement.
Aug 2, 2020
If anyone comes across this post from Google, it's the battery. I had the same issues and the remote worked like a charm after buying a new battery. I'm guessing some of them were shipped with batteries that were next to dead.
Dec 19, 2018
Currently $219 on amazon
Dec 21, 2018
Do you know what the drop price was?
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