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Oct 3, 2014
I bought a pair of Piotr's lower tier customs just half a year ago. Definitely would recommend this guy, he knows what he's doing. Actually when I purchased I recommended massdrop and he said he'd think about it - never actually expected a deal to follow through. It's nice to see custom art on here.
I've never tried the H8P, but I have tried the LCD 2&3 and I can almost guarantee you that these earphones will sound a lot brighter. That will be only emphasized when you're on the road due to background noise. (Bass tends to be less noticeable when there's noise). I would not recommend these at all for desktop/laptop listening (get a $200 headphone instead). But if you're travelling a lot and want to spend >$600 on earphones, definitely check these out.
I think you also get a pelican case as well as a soft-shell carrying case with these. At least, I got them with the $400 pair. Piotr's also a really nice guy; I'm sure he would answer questions if you sent him an email. He's always recommended emailing him the ear impressions before actually mailing it.
Oct 3, 2014
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