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Jan 21, 2017
Cheap as dirt power cleaners for DarkVoice not sure if the power will be clean enough but at 4 dollars its worth a shot. At this cheap I may even look at trying to upgrade one cause I bought 4 of them... hopefully they arent crap but you can see the circuit board so yes it does have a power cleaning circuit yes its only "single stage" and most decent power cleaners are "triple stage" but Ive never had the resources to investigate exactly what this means but I'm starting to get into power cleaning more and more as its essential to audio and electronics.
There is an amazon link too for 6 dollars review says u cant tell its refurb most likely they are just returns by people who decided it didnt do anything. Chances are you wont have trouble with dailysteals but i have had problem with these daily deal sites in the past and they will stick you(without customer service). But, the chances of this happening are very low just dont message them unless necessary and chances your order will ship to you no problem.
When ur an online shopping noob you get offended but when you become a deal master you realize that chances are it happens to you are low and really all you are doing is limiting yourself from the source of another deal..............
Jan 21, 2017
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