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Apr 5, 2018
Got mine day before yesterday. First thing I notice out of the box is the label at the top was affixed all crooked. Okay, I can live with that although I'm bummed. Then I notice there was no on off switch. I look in the foam inserts for a handle, knob, whatever and find nothing. So I go to the web to see what it looked like from a photo: it's a little metallic toggle. Then started searching the box and find it under one of the flaps. Lovely. I see if I can just install it and realize it's actually broken off. Be SUPER careful everyone, this thing is about a 1/2 mm thick tube of metal coming out of the switch that is inserted into the triangle. the weight of a hand could break it.
I notice it's broken in the open position. So I figure I'll try to at least see if the device will work. I carefully insert the tubes, even holding them with the plastic so my fingerprints aren't on the glass. Both go in very easily. I insert the power cord and plug in. Immediately it blows the fuse in my office which only had parasitic draw from a receiver that was off and a modem. So I unplug and go reset the breaker in my garage. Come back and choose a different outlet. Blown. Same thing, unplug and reset that breaker. Take the device to my kitchen and put it into the wall on the GFCI circuit and immediately it trips. Wow, that ends my trouble shooting. No device should be blowing fuse instantly like that. Something is very wrong.
Send problem form to Massdrop about it and hear back the next day with a return label and explanation that all they can do on this item is refund my money once they receive it back. Their customer service is somewhat slow (it took until the next day) and they nicely explain that they're behind.
So, no available replacement for me. No entry into tube amplification for my Sennheiser HD6xx just yet. More than anything I'm a little bummed out. Be really careful with that switch everyone. I can see how it was designed and it's extremely fragile. If you're handy with a soldering iron I have no doubt it could be replaced if you break it.
Thanks Massdrop for the return label.
(interesting reading....I only post this to warn people to be very careful. Mine is on its way back to Massdrop. I so wanted this to work:
Apr 5, 2018
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