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Apr 24, 2018
This thing is great if you have a pair of HD6XX's. It totally changed my mind about them. It looks cool too. Just a giant crazy looking box with some crazy looking tubes sticking out of it. In all seriousness this is a really decent amp. I use it with my HD6XX's and an smsl m6 dac and usually play trance/house/electronic music and other stuff too. It "warmed" up the music so much more than any solid state I've tried and makes listening to the HD's much more enjoyable. I don't like sterile or trebble rich music and this is so not that. My father-in-law has a schiit Valhalla 2 and I would put this right up with that any day. I would even say the Valhalla 2 has more trebble. This doesn't seem to have the power the Valhalla does but maybe it's just me. Best purchase so far for me. Now I have to find a better dac to pair it with and make the sound even warmer and more opened up. Buy one, you won't be disappointed. I read all the negative stuff too and was going to tube swap (this would be great for that) but the stock tubes sound pretty darn good. Oh and you will need some burn in time to get rid of the hiss/buzz on the tubes. It goes away...
Apr 24, 2018
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