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Jul 21, 2018
### FINAL update ### 2018-10-02 ### FINAL update ###
I just received my DarkVoice, I am very happy and listening, has noises (popping and noise/hiss) but I guess they will disappear over time. It was worth the wait and I'm happy... thanks Massdrop.


### update ### 2018-07-26 ###update### Just got an e-mail with a tracking number of the new Darkvoice unit.
### update ### 2018-07-25 ###update### One person from the support team, contacted me, again asked me for my address and told me that in the shortest step they will send another unit.
###update ### 2018-07-12 ###update### Looks like the problem will be solved with my Darkvoice. I was contacted by Christian {Help Desk} and asked for my address, to send another unit. In addition, today I sent the tracking number of the Sennheiser HD 6XX, which are already coming to my home. see white smoke :)

I'm really very sad, I'm tetraplégico product of an accident because of another driver who drove drunk and crashed my car; my great passion is music and I enjoy it as much as I can. A friend advised me to buy a headphone amplifier, because I spend a lot of the day sitting in front of a computer, where I am writing this e-mail with a stick in my mouth. After much research, I was told that Massdrop was a very serious shop, which had excellent products and at a good price.
I bought a Darkvoice 336SE and headphones Sennheiser HD 6xx. The first thing they sent me -to my country in Chile- was the Darkvoice. I was attentive to the tracking number, every day, until it arrived on the 9th of July, to see the box I found it strange (I can not take the weight) by the way, but outside said my name and address, my nurse opened it and inside came a "sports bag" , with a bill for a Mr. from Canada. I wrote immediately, explaining everything and sending pictures, however I received no answer, then I wrote for another support channel and two days later, I received an e-mail (template) where they said they have many requirements and will soon communicate me.
The involuntary error that existed when sending my purchase to another place, it can happen, I have no problem with that, however the fact of not responding, to maintain uncertainty, that there is no phone number, there is no direct channel, is frustrating, even more, when it was a problem of such an easy solution, I gave them the name and address of Mr. Canadience's invoice, it was enough to make contact with him, to answer that I did not worry that I re sent the unit, only that is what I needed.
The good thing is that the headphones are on the way, but I can not enjoy until I sent the amplifier.
Anyone know what else I can do?, I do not want a refund, but that unit of Darkvoice, which is mine, is paid and is in Canada, can send it to my home in Chile.
Jul 21, 2018
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