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Sep 15, 2018
I almost returned these, there was an initial buzz in the right side, even turned all the way down, but a bit of research, and learning about tube rolling in the process, I found an easy, and VERY cheap fix; take the big tube out, and place it somewhere safe (away from cats and children, or someone who is cleaning and doesn't know what it is... ), and turn the amp on and... leave it on for AT LEAST 72 hours (I forgot I had it on to be honest... ) and, when you remember where you put the big tube, because you were being proactive, and safe, you turn off the unit, plug it back in, and power it back on... no more buzz, just the sweet sweet sound that only a tube amp can make. Sure, this one cannot compare to one costing thousands, but... I am not paying that much for a an amp, I paid this much, and it sounds awesome. I might try tube rolling in the future, but for now... I am happy with this somewhat fugly desktop conversation piece, so I recommend it if it comes, or drops rather, again.
Sep 15, 2018
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