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Dec 15, 2018
This is a pretty good sounding amp , once you swap the tubes the default stock tubes are pretty meh.. I've owned this amp for ~2yr now.. I run RCA 6AS7G and RCA 6SN7GT tubes in mine.. I strongly recommend this amp if you own beyerdynamic DT880's (as I own these), these headphones can tend to be on the brighter side.. with my DV336SE and NOS RCA tubes said brightness is much tamed. It should be noted that my experience with this amp (didn't buy on massdrop) has not been trouble free.. shortly after buying the amp i started intermittently losing the right channel. After a few weeks the channel dropping became frequent and more or less prevented using the amp as the channel would drop with the slightest movement of headphone cable. Confronted with the options of sending amp to china for warranty service (not economically viable), finding a tech to work on it (not economically viable) ..or trying to fix it myself, I opted for the last option. After some fiddling about i determined that one of the connections to the headphone jack was poorly done, I redid the solder connection and it has been fine for nearly 2yrs now.. If I hadn't been able to make this repair myself this amp would have been a doorstop a month outta the box however.
Dec 15, 2018
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