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Dec 21, 2018
OK, I have modded my DV's 6SN7's bias. I used 3 diodes and a .1uF signal cap which puts 2.1VDC on the Cathode of the 6SN7. This gives the amp plenty of POWER. I use my SMSL T1 to drive my DV and have upgraded all 3 tubes. Now I just tried a 6SL7 in the 6SN7 spot. The L7 is a favorite of guitar tube amps for its harmonic distortion. If I keep the volume knob on the DV and T1's way down low the L7 sounds just as good as the N7, but If I turn up either volume just a little to much the amp overdrives and sounds like shit. So? If your N7 died you could use an L7 if that is all you had and you kept the volumes low. But otherwise don't bother using a 6SL7 in your DV! It just does not work well for Hi-Fi headphone usage!
Dec 21, 2018
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