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Sep 15, 2015
Someone asked about this amp vs. the Bottlehead Crack. The Crack is a much better amp -- but you have to build it. That means for most people it's inaccessible. Also that assumes you already have the tools, and don't value your time.
For many years this was the go-to introductory headphone amp for the HD600/HD650. It's still very well regarded, especially since there are so many great tube rolling options out there.
I personally would recommended this over the Little Dot just because I've had some really bad experiences with Little Dot's QA in the past. ymmv of course.
For those that don't know, some of the founders of DarkVoice left the company to found La Figaro. The La Figaro 332 is essentially the most revised version of this amp. It's also ~$200 more for the 'c'. And some people (like myself) absolutely hate the asymmetrical design.
Sep 15, 2015
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