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Feb 3, 2014
Just got mine. Good news, unlike my wood headphone stands I just got, this is looking as expected. It is definitely bigger than I thought it would be. Also it really looks a lot better than I thought. I really thought the transform bell texture was going to be ugly but this is a case where the photo looks much worse than the actual item.
Things of note:
It thought the included 6SN7 tube was cracked in several places. It turn out it is just a crap ton of sticky glue (or other material thrown all over it. i think I would be upset if I was going to keep that tube in there as I don't know what would happen when it heats up with that on there....Actually I just noticed as I am listening to it right now. You should try your best to get it off as it starts to melt and will likely flow into the amp. This is tough as it is pretty hard on there.
Wow does the packaging REEKS once you open the really well packed box (it really is excellently packed. Amazing job there). At first I though the packers much have been chain smoking like a madman but then I realized it was more chemically. Either way give it some time/open outside to let it offgas. To be clear the amp itself smells fine but something inside the Styrofoam is crazy bad and you don't notice it until opening the inside package (not the box).
This thing is built like a tank. It sure as hell ain't moving when you plug in/take out your headphones. Feels great.
Sound with stock tubes is great. I'm sure it will be better with some tube rolling but don't be discouraged if you think you HAVE to replace the tubes if you get this. It does sound very good with the stock "crappy" tubes. I'm sure someone will tell me I'm crazy but I have plenty of great headphones here to test with and it sounds great. Going to set some of my other tubes now to see if it improves/changes the sound.
Definitely open this outside I am starting to feel a bit dizzy (not a joke)...going to get fresh air.
Feb 3, 2014
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