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Jul 10, 2016
Just wanted to give an update to my "received the amp but it's humming loud" post...
It's now been 9 days since I got the Darkvoice. The first 4 days I left it turned on all the time when I was home (I placed a smoke detector near it, just in case). During that time I noticed the hum gradually getting quieter, and then it faded to where it was only in the right channel. I left home for a couple of days and came back, turned on the amp...dead silent. At first I thought my phones were unplugged, but nope, it's just absolutely silent now. Pretty cool.
Still using my Grado SR125s, which I've been told aren't a good match for the amp; but honestly they sound pretty awesome with it. That said, I'm still looking at higher impedance phones for an eventual upgrade.
Jul 10, 2016
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