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Sep 15, 2016
Got my Darkvoice three day ago. Rust and smell as others have mentioned. Smell faded after about a day, and one of the rubber feet separated from its plastic cup in the bottom, bad tape. Swapped in in sequence 1 RCA, a Sylvania and a GE 6SN7. All hummed, though it was barely noticeable with the RCA. Please read elsewhere about tube conditioning. After this I swapped in a RCA 6AS7G and a Sylvania 6070WA. And Wow. Just delightful. Love it today after about 10 hours of and expect that it would improve with time. I looked at my records on the transaction. I ordered it from Massdrop exactly a month ago. In highlight I probably would have considered ordering it for about 10% more using Amazon Prime. All in all, a great buy. Thanks Massdrop.
Sep 15, 2016
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