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Dec 28, 2016
Socket issues anyone? So I'm trying different old issue tubes, got 3 so far, GE 6080 and GE/Sylvania 6SN7s, good results overall however every one of these tubes is prone to scratching and popping sounds every now and then, slight rocking of the tubes in the sockets causes more noises but then it is all quiet for some time so with 3 tubes behaving similarly I'm inclined to blame the sockets. Strangely the stock tubes work fine. I did clean the pins with iso alcohol and removed excess oxidation but it seems to have little effect. Kind of bummed as I have to get up and tap on the tubes, mostly the 6SN7, every 30 minutes or so to quiet them down. Any recos? Is this a case for deoxit?
Dec 28, 2016
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