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Nov 28, 2015
WELL: I was a big evangelist of this watch. Very much so. So much so that when it was somehow stolen *off my wrist* at a concert, I made the insurance claim (god bless it) and am replacing it. So... if your policy covers watches, PUT IT ON YOUR POLICY. SERIOUSLY!
I literally have 0 idea how they got it off my wrist. The band on this thing is solid as a rock. My only idea is that they must have somehow unbuckled it while I was distracted watching the concert. Whoever stole it off me seriously must be an expert thief/pickpocket/whatever.
Of course I'm getting the skeleton again ;) It's great build quality. No regrets. I get complements up the wazoo for it, and it looks very nice without holding the pretentious air of some bigger brand name watches in the same price point.
Nov 28, 2015
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