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Feb 5, 2017
I, too, have the smaller version (Sea Quest Auto 1500M in Orange). It's an outstanding watch for the money. The lume is amazing and while I'm not a big Miyota guy, the 9015 is a solid movement (it's proved to be much better than my Miyota 8215). A few things to note on this one though. First, I paid less than half the price of this one for mine, granted it's smaller (a definite advantage in my case) and half the depth rating (which is still far deeper than most can ever expect to take it), but it also is a little lighter (but still really heavy) and has most of the same features (same movement, sapphire bezel/crystal, helium purge valve, and expandable solid link SS bracelet). Secondly, this thing is massive (49mm)...and very heavy to boot (mine is really heavy at over 8oz. or more than half a pound, this one is a ridiculous 10.5oz or about 2/3lb!). Finally, I was somewhat disappointed in the orange face with's not hard to see and the finish is fine, but it just isn't as bright and vivid as the photos depict. If I had to do it over again, I'd get the white lumed face instead (this one isn't fully illuminated like that one though), or maybe even the blue.
There are some good points though. The depth rating is amazing, the helium purge valve is a neat feature (even if you'll never use it), the crystal and bezel are sapphire...really, really thick sapphire (which it needs to withstand that crazy depth...two metric tons of pressure per square inch!; yeah you read that right 4400PSI). It has a really nice solid link expandable bracelet with a safety catch which is really nice if you actually plan to dive with it (though a simple and cheap NATO arguably works even better because of the inherent springbar redundancy). The build quality is nice (though there were some sharp-ish edges on the underside of my case, it's not going to cut you and isn't visible), which is clearly evident when you rotate the bezel. It has a good movement and if mine was any indication it comes well regulated (I have a couple of Swiss watches that keep inferior time by comparison).
Long story short, it's a really nice watch...just know what you're getting into before you pull the trigger. If you haven't any plans to dive, this might not be the best watch for daily wear...there are plenty of others that will give you the style without the unnecessary weight and features this one comes equipped with and some of those cost a lot less (like the ever-popular Orient Ray or Mako).
Feb 5, 2017
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