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Mar 18, 2017
I have the Fostex TH-610's, it has the same earpads as the Massdrop TH-X00 except they are made of memory foam and are much more comfy than the stock pads, you can buy the 610 earpads on Amazon for $67.54 and they come with the inner ring that you must pay extra for with the Dekoni's (60.73 with sheepskin and Attenuation Rings) but the Fostex only comes in protein covering, the protein is said to be a little cooler then leather so far I agree. Also I have the ZMF earpads which are a differant animal, they fit completly around the ear and are angled, made with memery foam and sheepskin, the differances are.... Comfort- ZMF's period! (the stock pads aways feels as if the headphones are about to slide off my ears backwards) Sound- This is interesting (with ZMF's the volume has to be turned up a couple of notches due to the farther distance from the ear) to match the mid range volume on the stock pads BUT the differance is that the mids are slightly recessed which brings up the bass in volume as well and now they are a little closer to bass head territory, highs seem to be about the same, the overall sound quality is the same no matter what pads your rocking. For fun I just slaped on the Fostex TH610 after a lot of A-B comparing and the comfort is better over the TH-X00s for sure, I measured the earhole because the Fostex feels larger but it's exactly the same size, its funny how much more comfortable the TH610s are though...I'm going to buy the Dekoni's to compare and confuse myself even more!
Mar 18, 2017
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