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Sep 11, 2015
I agree with most of what Under_Score96 says, I'll add my own notes underneath here
Generally these switches seem about equivalent to Cherry MX quality and consistency out of the box.
Greys: A decent linear switch with a bit less sandiness than the Cherry linears but not as smooth as the Gateron yellows I have used. The 50g actuation gives the switches a decent debounce, apart from that not much else to say.
Purple: Decent clicky switches, slight inconsistency in tone of the click but no more so than the MX Blues I have in a board at the moment. A few of them feel like they're lighter than the others but I haven't rip-o-metered them to confirm it. Would be a decent budget clicky switch.
Oranges: Like clears, these have a satisfying bump and debounce, I would probably buy a batch of these to build into a keyboard at some point - and wonder what they would be like lubed and with heavier springs, ergoclear style.
I was planning to build these into little left-hand boards for gaming but I'm having difficulty with the cases at the moment, as the laser cutter I planned to use to chop out the stencils is refusing to work and doesn't seem likely that the issue will be resolved soon (ancient drivers not available anymore). Once I get these built into boards I'll put some info about how they are in regular use. I'd like to echo the other users by saying that I would be willing to both purchase these from EG for builds, if they were made available., and would consider buying a board if some of my hangups are addressed, namely the design was less "gamer-y" and made more subtle, disassembly was simple for repairs and a nice-to-have would be something that could work with a custom controller a-la the Ghost Squid and CM QFR XT
Since a selling point is the sturdy metal construction, something like a Noppoo Lolita style would be awesome.
Sep 11, 2015
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