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Jun 2, 2014
First successful print! It has a lot of imperfections, but I'm still pretty happy. [img:20140602_090906.dwk.jpg]
I had issues with bed adherence using masking tape directly on the bed, I tried a piece of acrylic(still with protective paper on) that I had lying around and it stuck great to that. Pulled some of it up when I took the part off, so I'll see if masking tape on top of the acrylic works(without the heatsinking properties of the metal bed).
I have had some other issues(it seems very shaky, can't drive the z too fast or my right rod binds, extruder gears binding at some points, less with retraction disabled. Probably need to clean them up a little better), but I think it's on the way to being a good printer!
Currently I have a ziptie tensioning the extruder idler because I was missing some parts, seems to work well enough.
Jun 2, 2014
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