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Dec 7, 2016
I, too, meant this as a Christmas present. Bought this all the way back in August. It is truly outrageous how many times this item has been pushed back for release. As much as the burden of fault lies with the company for having unrealistic timelines, I can't help but be frustrated with the way Massdrop has handled this. This was a prerelease item. If at all a vendor cannot supply, you should not do business with them, and merely a refund based on a product that at this stage may never see the light of day is pathetic. It is "undesirable" to me that as a company who specializes in getting deals on the cutting room floor that more was not done, not only keep the customer in mind, but also putting pressure on the supplier for more accurate information and solid time lines. My money has value, here and elsewhere. It is up to Massdrop to ensure that when they obtain a product deal, actual product is supplied and the customer's time is not wasted. Now I need to go back shopping so close to Christmas rather than have my present all picked out well in advance. I too, am requesting a refund, and will carefully consider if I will do business with Massdrop in the future, especially with unreleased product.
Dec 7, 2016
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