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Jun 19, 2015
So on CSI, Dominion and its expansions cost between $20.5 and $30.99 each, where it is possible to pick up five items for a total of around $151.45.
For six additional promo cards and one blank card, Massdrop has the option for you to pay $149.99 at the lowest drop price.
A word of warning: Rio Grande's new "Made in the USA" box sets are of extremely low quality compared to their older prints. Cards are thinner, print quality is worse, printing is matte not glossy, etc. Before picking up anything Rio Grande, I would check to see if it's the "Made in the USA" printing and avoid it if it has the USA logo on its box. Source:(
Massdrop guys, do you know if these will be Made in the USA or not?
Jun 19, 2015
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