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May 23, 2013
This, an ok deal if it hits the max % off. But my biggest gripe is that shipping is insane. Increasing in a linear manner? Really? @Mark: You said "When our warehouse/shipper doesn't need to find 20 different items on the shelves and then shove them into oddly shaped boxes, people save money." Seeing as how these packs are the same size, since the buys are occurring in 3-pack "chunks", and since packaging material exists to fill excess space inside boxes, I fail to see how shipping these would not be easy, thus allowing us to avoid a $1.75 (!!!) charge per pack. Is there honestly nothing else you guys can do about the shipping cost? I want to jump on this drop so, so bad. Trust me, I do. I wouldn't even care if we didn't hit the max % off. But the deal almost completely fizzles with the ridiculous $1.75/pack shipping cost. At that point, I'd rather pay the extra dollar or two to help my LGS, since they're a good group of people.
May 23, 2013
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